Best movies ever (5/5)

  1. Naked
    Where one guy walks around through London and talks, and everything is very dark and gloomy. David Thewlis rocks.
  2. Trust
    The best movies are those where everyone sits around and talks, and nothing ever happens. Bonus points for circular conversation. Hal Hartley rocks.
  3. Closer
    Highs and lows of love. Shocking (suprisingly) and horribly accurate. All four actors rock.
  4. Fight club
    Where a lot happens very fast and dialogue is so snappy it hurts. Edward norton rocks.
  5. Hudsucker Proxy
    Moviesmithing at it’s best with an upbeat successtory. Capra approves. Coen brothers rock.

No fantasy or scifi movies. Woah!

Best shows ever (5/5)

  • Firefly
  • Twin Peaks
  • Dollhouse
  • Pushing Daisies

Other shows

4/5 – Could have been great

Battlestar Galactica
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
United States of Tara
Outcasts – The British BSG, hits like a ton of bricks!

3/5 – Entertaining


2/5 – Not bad enough to turn it off

Legend of the Seeker

1/5 – Boring

Warehouse 51

Other movies – Intense


Moulin Rouge
Gosh. Wonderful. Also, strangely similar to Evita, only more upbeat. Baz Luhrman rocks.
Reservoir Dogs
A more subversive quirkyness than PF, nice cast and a more stage-like feel to it, plus more real gutwrenching emotion which is never bad.
Much ado about Nothing
More intellectual fluff. No movie will make you happier than this one.
Intellectual masterpiece. Best rendition ever.
Schindler’s list
Not so much for the Great tragedy but more to see Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes play off of each other. wow.
Sin City
Scott Pilgrim vs. The world

3/5 – Touching/thought-provoking

Discovery of Heaven
Intellectual fluff with wonderfully scruffy actors running around in the Netherlands pretending to be dutch.
Almost Famous
Wonderful sentimental stuff with cute kid and singalongs and coming of age stuff. No movie will make you happier than this one.
Cruel Intentions
But for a faux-risque romance story it is pretty darn enjoyable 😉
Lord of War

2/5 – Entertaining
Pokerplayers face face a Russian John Malkovich and sport great dialogue along the way.
The Piano
No great dialogue but some scenes will never leave my mental wallpaper.
The Notebook
Brokeback Mountain
I ❤ huckabees
The plan –  Pretty ok, plus best sex scene EVER! totally realistic
Black Swan

1/5 – Boring

Tron – Sadly pretty lame, time has not been kind to this one


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